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Outdoor Living

Enjoy your garden all year round

Enjoy the outdoors throughout the year with indoor-style comfort. Our luxurious and durable aluminium veranda’s, high quality glass rooms and unique pergolas, allow you to enjoy the outdoors 365 days a year.
With AA installations, you’ll experience the best of all seasons at home.

Outdoor Living Specialists

Whether you choose a glass room or a luxurious veranda, we have a wide range of beautiful designs for you to choose from. We also ensure you get the best thermal efficiency, security and durability possible.


With an AA Installations aluminium veranda, you can achieve a stylish extension to your home.  Our aluminium verandas very solid, weather proof and require very little maintenance.
We use high quality aluminium in three colours: traffic white texturized (RAL9016), cream white (RAL9001) and gray texturized (RAL7024). In addition, we have countless of extra options and accessories in our product range, depending on your taste and preferences.

If you want to enjoy the outdoors longer, glass doors provide extra shelter against wind and rain. As a result, you’ll always have enough light and a great view of your back garden. Moreover, our glass doors are not only a suitable addition to your veranda but also to shield your porch, garden house, cabin or balcony.

Glass Rooms

With our versatile and functional glass rooms you’ll enjoy your garden buildings throughout the year. When the weather is great enjoy your outdoor space by repositioning your sliding glass doors. When the temperature drops, you can change your room to a fully enclosed area by closing the sliding doors. This offers you the possibility to stay outside longer. The sliding glass doors offer benefits all year round, meaning you can always enjoy the best at home.

With AA Installations’ glass rooms you can easily turn your veranda into a luxury garden room, allowing you to create a new indoor and outdoor space, so you can enjoy your garden and terrace all year long. The glass panels are available in various heights and width dimensions, and can run in three to six rail tracks with no side frames, providing an open, free view of your backyard.


A pergola is a great way to provide an attractive structure to a walkway or seating area. When planted with climbers, a garden pergola will mature into an impressive and organic garden feature, giving your garden a mediterranean feel. We offer both traditional pagodas and more contemporary steel options.

Pergolas are just perfect for shading a terrace or simply extending your living space to create a pleasant area. You can add loungers, tables and chairs, so you cab enjoy dappled sunshine. AA Installations can help you to discover plenty of ideas of how best to use and place your pagoda.

A nice example of Pergola glass sliding doors with a glass roof. Due to this clear roofing you can always enjoy perfect lighting, and can even enjoy the trees, birds or stars from under your veranda, giving it a sense of enrichment and pure luxury.